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Apex Legends Revenant guide abilities, tips and tricks

Use these practical Revenant tips to turn the tide of battle

Want to know how to use Revenant's abilities to best effect in Apex Legends? With the arrival of Season 10 and the new Legend Seer, Revenant may no longer be the coolest-looking character in Apex Legends. But he's still a real force to be reckoned with at every level of play. Follow these tips on using each of Revenant's abilities and you'll quickly learn how to dominate Season 10 as the Synthetic Nightmare himself.

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Apex Legends Revenant abilities

Like all Legends, Revenant has access to three abilities: Stalker (Passive), Silence (Tactical), and Death Totem (Ultimate). These abilities make Revenant a high-ceiling character who excells in stealth and controlling the opponent. He is an Offensive Legend alongside Bangalore, Octane, Wraith, Mirage, Horizon and Fuse.

Together his abilities allow him to fight enemies in unexpected manners, either by approaching from unusual angles or safely hobbling them from the first point of contact. The real danger with Revenant is improper use of his abilities. His skillset is filled with game-changers, but they're easy to misuse or waste if you (and your team) are not prepared.

Revenant tips and tricks

Before we get stuck into Revenant's individual abilities, let's start with some more general tips and tricks on winning Apex Legends matches as Revenant.

  • Be aggressive! Revenant is all about using your abilities to be as aggressive as possible. Don't waste your Silence or your Death Totem by placing them down and then hesitating.
  • Don't stray too far from your teammates. Try to resist the urge to push alone because while Revenant is a decent enough flanker thanks to his wall-climbing expertise, he is an even more powerful team player.
  • Communicate your intentions clearly. Both Revenant's active abilities require a fair amount of planning to use properly, and they'll go to waste unless your team is ready to back you up with a good push towards the enemy. Communicate your plan clearly to your teammates before enacting it.
  • Learn to crouch-strafe. Make the most of Revenant's strafing abilities by practicing, both in the firing range and in matches. Try to keep your movements as quick and unpredictable as possible.
A screenshot from the Meet Revenant Apex Legends trailer of Revenant scaling a wall using his Passive ability.

Revenant Passive tips: Stalker

Description: You crouch walk faster and can climb walls higher.

The most straightforward and uninteresting of Revenant's abilities is also one of his greatest assets. Stalker ramps up Revenant's crouch-walk and crouch-strafe speed to non-crouching levels, whether you're aiming down sights or not. And that means you can do some pretty intense crouch-strafing during firefights to make yourself as small and fast-moving a target as we've yet seen in the Apex Games.

Stalker also allows Revenant to climb a great deal higher than any other Legend before losing your grip. This gives Revenant a similar aptitude for reaching unexpected places and flanking enemies to Legends such as Pathfinder, Horizon, and Valkyrie, but obviously, it is very dependent on having the right kind of terrain around you. Highly built-up places like Fragment in World's Edge are ideal spots for stretching Revenant's climbing muscles.

Revenant Passive tips:

  • Learn to strafe! There is no Legend more effective when it comes to strafing, because Revenant's passive allows him to crouch-strafe with no movement penalty.
  • Crouch-walk while healing up to make yourself a smaller, more agile target.
  • There are few man-made structures in the game Revenant can't climb. He's capable of silently climbing five, even six-story buildings if unimpeded. Use this to get the drop on enemies who think they are safe because of their height advantage.
  • This ability does allow Revenant to get a little bit janky. While he struggles up mountains and terrain a little more, usually if there is a will, there is a way. By looking for little holds and bits he can stand on, you can climb up uneven surfaces with a little effort.
A screenshot from the Meet Revenant Apex Legends trailer of Revenant killing Wraith with the help of his Silence ability.

Tactical ability: Silence

Description: Throw a device that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for a time. Cooldown: 25s.

Revenant's Tactical comes in the form of a throwable projectile like a grenade, which deals minor damage (around 10 damage, it seems) and deals further damage over time if enemies stand in its area of effect. But more importantly, if an enemy is hit by the effect then they are silenced, unable to use any of their abilities (including some Passives) for 15 seconds.

Revenant Tactical tips:

  • Like Bangalore's Smoke Launcher, Revenant's Silence is thrown with his off-hand, which means you can use it while reloading, healing, shooting, or anything else.
  • There is a significant visual effect to being silenced which can obscure the screens of enemies. This helps make Silence a powerful zoning tool, because not many Legends will want to push through the Silence and receive damage, a silence, and obscured vision all at once.
  • Throw Silence in front of a doorway, or even hide behind it. The device won't absorb any damage, but it will block the enemy's view of you.
  • Silence will stick to walls and doors. There's a tricky interaction you can do by sticking on to the upper half of a door on the inside, then opening the door when an enemy is on the other side to silence them.
  • Silence affects certain Passive abilities as well, including Lifeline's Passive revive.
  • The thrown projectile can be shot down by a Wattson Interception Pylon, so be wary when up against an enemy team with the Legend.
A screenshot from the Meet Revenant Apex Legends trailer of Revenant summoning a Death Totem.

Ultimate ability: Death Totem

Description: Drop a totem that protects users from death. Instead of getting killed or downed, you will return to the totem. Armor is deactivated during Death Protection.

When you deploy Revenant's Ultimate, a glowing totem will drop in front of you over about a second or so. It'll stick around for 30 seconds, during which time you and your allies can interact with it in order to enter "shadow form". While in shadow form you cannot use abilities and any damage you receive is dealt directly to your Health, bypassing your Shields. But if you "die", you simply return to the Totem with just 50% of your Health lost at maximum.

Revenant Ultimate tips:

  • As of the Apex Legends Evolution update (mid-Season 10), Revenant's Death Totem will now generate a large pulse visual effect once placed, much like Loba's Black Market. This makes it harder to use the Death Totem in a stealthy or secretive manner.
  • Death Totem is one of the most powerful abilities in the game for initiating a fight, particularly when combined with an Octane Launch Pad which helps you get into the fight quickly, and then back into the fight just as quickly once you've returned to the Totem.
  • Your aim with Death Totem is to deal as much damage as possible to the enemy team, then get back into the fight as quickly as possible after returning to the Totem, before the enemy has had time to heal.
  • Revenant is excellent with close range weapons as his ultimate allows him to close gaps without fear of his life. If you want to know the best weapons to bring, check out our best guns in Apex Legends guide.
  • Keep a close eye on the timer at the bottom of your screen while in shadow form. If it runs out before you "die", the Totem disappears and you'll simply be where you are, and able to get killed as normal. This is the biggest downside of Revenant's Ult: if you don't all die or win together, you can be split up and picked off with ease.
  • As of Season 10, there is a visual and audio cue that enemies see and hear when you or your teammates are about to leave Death Protection. Be careful of this, because if they hear this they may leave you alone until you leave Death Protection and then pick you off while you're away from the rest of your team.
  • The Totem itself can be shot and destroyed, which ends the effect prematurely. So make sure you place down your Totem in a safe place where it cannot be seen by enemies.
  • Another downside of Death Totem is that it is useable to anyone. Make sure it is hidden, not only so it can't be destroyed, but also so it can't be turned against you.

Apex Legends Revenant backstory

Revenant is possibly the nastiest piece of work in all of the Apex Games, intent on causing murder and destruction wherever he goes. However, his story is not one without tragedy.

Revenant used to be human, and one of the most skilled hitmen to ever live. So much so, the Mercenary Syndicate couldn't let death take his skillset from them. It's not clear how or by what means, but in 2420 he was digitized and transferred to a simulacrum body. He then continued to kill and murder for the Syndicate for centuries, his body being replaced by Hammond Robotics every time it died. This was all under the guise he was still human.

However, during a hit job on what would turn out to be Loba's father, he was damaged in such a way that it allowed him to see the truth of his existence. He has since spent the last several decades trying to hunt down and kill anyone with even a shred of responsibility for his existence. That extended to James McCormick, who was sponsored by Hammond Robotics. During an interview where McCormick was announced as the latest Legend entering the Apex Games, Revenant snuck in and killed the would-be participant.

He has since taken the vacant spot, both to satiate his bloodlust, but also get to the bottom of his existence and find out how to, ultimately, die forever.

I think that's as good a moment as any to wrap up this Apex Legends Revenant guide. Hopefully you've learned a thing or two - and if you're after more invaluable knowledge on other Legends, be sure to check out our Apex Legends characters guide.

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