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Baldur's Gate 3 is "for sure" not leaving early access this year

A new major update is close though

Larian Studios' next mega RPG Baldur's Gate 3 ventured forth into early access in October 2020. It's been getting regular hotfixes and larger updates like the Druid class, but don't get antsy as the one year mark approaches. Larian had already said that BG3 would be in early access for at least one year and CEO Swen Vincke has now confirmed that "its not going to release this year for sure." The good news is that another major update, the biggest yet (again) is "around the corner".

Vincke sat down with GameSpot to chat about what's up next for Baldur's Gate 3 and made clear that it isn't a full launch date. Not yet, anyhow.

"It's not going to release this year for sure," Vincke says. "We are working very hard on getting everything in there but it's a very big game and it deserves to have development time."

"We would be happy if we can manage to release it next year, yes," he adds later. "We're aiming for it. No guarantees, but we're definitely aiming for it."

Vincke also reminds folks that when the studio seems quiet, that typically means they're busy with something big. Sure enough, he calls the next update "more extensive than anything we've done so far." Rather than tons of new content, Vincke says that the next major game update focuses heavily on feedback that the studio has received, meaning lots of features and other requests. He doesn't give a date for that just yet either though.

As for when we'll hear some concrete details, Vincke does mention that another of Larian's big Panel From Hell livestreams is in the works. Their last one of those is where they revealed the Druid class prior to its launch, so it seems fair to expect we'll get some other major details whenever that winds up premiering.

Last year, Matthew took on the initial release in his Baldur's Gate 3 early access review and said there was already a lot about it to like. So much so, that he said it might just be worth waiting to see it at its best.

That's been my strategy so far, personally. Hungry as I am for a new biggo RPG, I waited for Divinity: Original Sin 2's full release and I plan to wait on BG3 too. I don't mind waiting another year or more.

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