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Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 6 will add another class and weaponized salami

It's the biggest yet once again

Baldur's Gate 3 is venturing forth into anther early access milestone. Larian say that BG3's next major update, Patch 6, is nearly here. It is, once again, their biggest patch so far, they say. Another new class is getting added, as is an equippable meat easter egg from their LARPing livestream earlier this year. Here are the few details they've shared so far before giving a proper introduction to Patch 6 soon.

The big add for this patch sounds likely to be its new class. Larian haven't let on which that'll be just yet though. BG3 Patch 4 added the Druid class back in February. With several melee and casting classes represented so far, it would be rad to see the Bard class get thrown in the mix, perhaps. That's one that would benefit well from getting players hands on in early access, I'd think. They do say "Who’s ready to make some magic?" though, which perhaps doesn't sound particularly Bardly.

Another update they've teased is equippable meats, a callback to their developer LARP session to celebrate Patch 5 launch. In Patch 6 you'll be able to make the questionable decision to use salami as a weapon. They're also dual-wieldable. But are they bludgeoning or piercing damage, hmm?

That's all for today, though Larian say they're planning yet another of their Panel From Hell livestreams to dig into the Patch 6 details. They're also taking the patch to EGX in London this weekend where folks may be able to get a cheeky sneek hands on.

When Larian say "biggest" I suspect they mean content-wise, though they do also say that they're expecting Patch 6 to be about a 60GB download. That is hefy.

Patch 6 will once again be incompatible with past early access versions. If you want to stick with Patch 5 to continue playing, you'll want to change game branches. Larian reiterate how to go about that in their announcement post from today.

As for the rest of BG3's early access trajectory, Larian know for sure that a full launch isn't happening this year. Larian CEO Swen Vincke said earlier this year that Larian "would be happy if we can manage to release it next year," meaning 2022.

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