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Dave The Diver's quality-of-life update will make button mashing optional

Among other accessibility tweaks

Your sushi restaurant in Dave The Diver.
Image credit: MintRocket

Dave The Diver is an unusual mixture of deep sea exploration, sushi restaurant management, and a thousand other ideas. It's also been a smash hit since its release from early access in June.

In a new update video from developers Mintrocket, they seem as surprised by its huge success as anyone, while also outlining their roadmap for coming quality-of-life updates.

Honestly, their enjoyment of their own success is very cute.

New content is on the way, the developers say, but not before a quality-of-life update designed to address player feedback.

Among the most requested changes: the option to turn off button mashing, which is used for reeling in fish and other actions in Dave The Diver. The developers say that they recognise this is an issue for people due to fatigue, acessibility, or even for those who don't want to make too much noise when playing while their kids' sleep. After the update, you'll be able to flip a menu option and instead simply hold down a button to fill the meter and reel in fish.

Other changes include the ability to sort your inventory by an item's weight, name, rank, quantity, or when it was obtained, a quick option to sell all at your fish farm bar the two you need to keep breeding, and changes to cocktails to make pouring accessible to colour blind players. The entire UI has also been resized to make it easier to read on smaller screens such as the Steam Deck.

The video ends with the developers saying that other game developers should get in touch if they're interesting in "crossovers", because they'd love to partner with other games. I imagine they'll have a few people reaching out given that Dave The Diver has apparently sold over a million copies so far.

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