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Grab Sony's excellent DualSense gamepad for £40 after a £20 discount

Part of the same summer promotion that sees the PS5 at £399.

DualSense controller colours in blue, pink and purple
Image credit: Sony

Sony's DualSense controller is one of the premiere options on PC, offering enhanced trigger rumble ('adaptive triggers') in a handful of games on top of excellent ergonomics and high-quality buttons that are much appreciated in a huge number of racing, action and other titles. These controllers normally cost around £50 to £60, but today they're down to £40 – as part of a Sony summer sale that sees the Sony console drop from £479 to £399.

There are a wide range of colours available, far beyond the white models that launched with the console in 2020. I'm a fan of the black and camouflage options, but there's also red, pink and blue. Here are links to Amazon and Currys, with the latter offering all colours apart from purple at £40 at the time of writing and Amazon only for black, white and blue.

The DualSense is reasonably well-supported on PC, with Steam offering full compatibility for the controller out of the box (a benefit that translates to non-Steam games if they're started using the Valve launcher) and utilities like DualSenseX or DS4Windows being a strong alternative that work across a wide range of games without the need for Steam.

The benefit of the DualSense over Microsoft's Xbox controller is that it recharges via USB-C, rather than needing batteries (or an after-market rechargeable battery pack), and of course it has a different layout with the thumbsticks in the bottom centre of the unit rather than the staggered thumbstick layout favoured by the Xbox controller.

I'd be curious to see what RPS readers prefer in terms of controllers, so do let me know in the comments which is your pick!

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