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Come watch RPS become streaming superstars at EGX 2018

Watch, watch, watch this vid, gently as it streams

[Update: The first day's streaming is done! But you can still watch us kissing the ground hard in Human Fall Flat in the video below.]

That rumbling sound you hear is half of Brighton packing its bags as Gamer Network decamps to Birmingham for EGX 2018. And the Rock, Paper, Shotgun Video Department will be at the show, too. We’ve decided to try our hand at ‘livestreaming’, which is basically video without safety nets. I’ve heard it’s quite popular these days and that someone called Ninja makes a billion pounds a minute from it. So even if we make fools of ourselves, we’ll at least be able to retire on all that delicious green. I can’t believe we didn’t get on this sooner. Anyway, read on for information on what we’re doing and when.

The Video Department - that’s myself, Alice and Noa - will be streaming every day at different times. We have to share the streaming booth with the mega YouTube celebs at Eurogamer and Outside Xbox, so we can only go live once we’ve finished cleaning up all the bouquets and pennies that get thrown at them by adoring fans. I’d settle for ‘not having any rotten fruit thrown’ during our streaming slot. We’re doing a different game every day, and the schedule looks something like this:

Ignore all those other jokers, the good stuff says Rock Paper Shotgun next to it.

If you’re at EGX you can come and observe from the EGX Live stage, giving you the special bonus of seeing everything a few seconds before it happens on YouTube. You could even post spoilers in the comments, should one of the team conjure up a red hot zinger. For those not at EGX, you can watch the streams on the channel as they happen. You can subscribe to RPS here or you can watch them when they go live in the embedded video below.

These streams should mark the start of a more regular streaming schedule from us. The team is still debating what we should tackle - whether people want to see live highlights from the games of the moment, or regular chunks of an ongoing playthrough. Please do offer your thoughts in the comments. You are, after all, the people who have to endure it. And to those of you attending EGX, do say hello if you see us around. We’ll be the ones mopping up all the fans' tears of joy after Outside Xtra do a stream.

Tickets to EGX are still available, of course. You can get them here.

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