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Our game tag pages have changed, here's what's new

Filtered article feeds return, rejoice!

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Hello folks. You may have noticed that our game tag pages have had a bit of a face-lift recently. Previously, these pages were quite plain lists of everything we'd written about the game in question, but thanks to your feedback and some fancy design work from our tech team, these pages are now (hopefully) a lot more useful and better-looking. Here's what's changed.

An example of our shiny new game pages.
An example of our new game pages. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Over on the right is an image of what our current game page looks like for Diablo 4, which you can also visit yourself right here to see the changes in action.

You'll see it now has some cover art, and is split into different sections: a spotlight containing our review and some of our most recent features about it, an interactive map and guides section, as well as that general feed of articles you know and love from before, only this time you can filter it for news, reviews, guides and features - just like you could in the good old days when we were still on Wordpress!

The top section also contains some more useful bits of data about the game itself, including its release date, what platforms you can play it on, who developed and published the game, and what genres it roughly falls into. There's also a small summary of the game as well, which is sourced from the Internet Game Database (IGDB).

Naturally, not all game pages will have a guides or interactive map section. These will only appear if we have guides or a map to show you for it. Otherwise, it will jump straight from the Spotlight to the Feed section, where you can filter the kinds of articles we've written about it.

There's more coming to these pages as well. Very soon, we'll be adding image galleries so you can see screenshots and artwork for each game, and further down the line our tech team will be adding 'Franchise' pages - for example, for Diablo in general, rather than just Diablo 4 - in addition to individual game pages. The aim is to hopefully help you find what we've written about these series more easily, rather than them being split across multiple pages, but we'll have more details to share on these at a later date.

Let us know what you think! These changes have been based mostly on your own feedback from various readership surveys over the last little while, so we'd love to hear what you make of them. If you spot anything strange, or have any other suggestions on how they might be improved, let us know in the comments below.

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