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Want a New Mobile Video Service? Try Netflix

The Netflix online streaming video service has proved to be an excellent option for instant watch movies at home. It proved so popular in fact that it is now available for the Windows 7 phone, and the iPhone.

For the first time, the Netflix online streaming video service is soon to be offered on smart phones that are running the Android operating system. Unfortunately though it will not be able to run on all devices in the near future, and in fact some may never be capable of accessing the service.

The Android operating system already offers a large amount of apps for phones that run it. It also is considered a very open system, that allows developers easy access in order to make applications, but also allows cell phone networks the chance to make changes to it, to brand it for their own particular network.

Changes may also be made from handset to handset in order to disable functions that are not fully supported by the particular handset, and to change other features or the appearance of the system to match handset specifications.

This openness is normally considered to be a good thing from the point of view of developers. This time though it is actually proving to be a problem when it comes to Netflix offering its services to all Android phone users.

The problem is they claim, that not all devices offer sufficient security functionality, and hence those that don’t will not be allowed to access the streaming video. Read the rest of this entry →