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Do You Know How to Use The Iphone in Real Estate?

Smart phones are rapidly becoming a way of life for many professionals. Real estate is a field that is not left behind when it comes to iPhone applications. If you want to know some of the real estate applications available for the iPhone, then this is for you.

All Around Me is one of the handiest applications that will give you a list of chosen businesses and their locations. It also shows a map which indicates the route to take if you would choose to go to these businesses’ physical location.

The Morgulator assists you to calculate the mortgage of a house. It helps you determine the terms, interest rates and the down payment needed for any new home that you are eyeing. This is one application that you cannot afford to miss.

The Home Tracker conveniently gives you the peace of knowing that the details of the homes you have visited, or researched on are not easily forgotten or left out. This application stores such information as the exact address and zip code of the houses. Read the rest of this entry →