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Want a height adjustable sit/stand desk for $110?

Monoprice and this 30% off coupon code have you covered.

monoprice workstream sit/stand desk
Image credit: Monoprice

Want a sit/stand height adjustable desk for $119? Monoprice are currently selling their WFH single motor model for exactly this price when you use the code BIG30 at the checkout, saving you a ton of money on a desk with an MSRP of $279.99.

This is available only on the white model, which I happen to think looks great - and this is really an outstanding price for a sit/stand price of this size (47.2 x 23.6 inches, for the record).

Sit/stand desks are awesome, as you can switch between healthier standing and comfier sitting with a push of a button. This particular model can remember the heights you set it to, from 28.7 to 48.4 inches, speeding up the process of changing from sit to stand and vice versa.

It looks slick too, with a natural wood top, white legs and a svelte control pod mounted on the left or right. There's collision detection to prevent the desk from ramming itself through nearby furniture/animals/you and at an inch a second, it's about as fast as you would want it to go.

I picked up similar models from Flexispot, IKEA and Herman Miller, and it's surprisingly the cheapest option from Flexispot that I've used the most, proving that you don't have to spend a lot to get a reliable motor and a stable surface these days.

In any case, it's rare to see a sit/stand desk even from a budget brand like Monoprice for such a low cost, so I'd definitely recommend jumping on this one while you can - just don't jump directly on the desk itself, as it can only support 110 pounds and statistically at least some of our readers are therefore above its rated load capacity.

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