Tips to Buy a Router

Do you need to buy a router? Yes, you should buy one of them. Routers are small size devices that can make one or more computers network together.

Router, technically, is a Layer 3 gateway device that connected two or more networks – usually, two WANs or LANs or LAN and its ISP’s network- and can operate at the network layer or the OSI model.

Router is one of modern and high technology product that help you to go online. You not only can make a contact with your family and your friends easier, but also you can buy your favorite items in online shop at home in your leisure time.

<h2>Buy a Router: the Type</h2>

Routers have several types. You must know the different and specification before you decide to buy a router. Routers type, for example: broadband routers and wireless routers.

Broadband routers can connect two different computers to the internet. Wireless routers can create a wireless signal in your office or in your home, after you connected your modem to it.

When you decide to choose wireless routers, remembers to keep connecting on your system to secure your router from hacker and identity thieves. Some company that make routers, for example: Juniper, Nortel (Bay Networks), Cisco (Linksys), Redback, HP, Lucent and 3Com.

<h2>Buy a Router: Online Shop</h2>

You can buy your favorite routers in two different ways. The first way, you can go to electronic and computer shop in your city to buy a router. Second, you can buy it via online shop.

It is easier to buy routers online, because you can read the specification and price before you decide to buy it. It is simpler. You can buy it from home in your leisure time.

Whatever a router you will choose, you should remember to match it with your needs, routers size and style, routers quality and your budget. Remember that expensive and branded routers in not guarantee its quality. Read the specification carefully, before you decide to buy a router.