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Looter shooter The First Descendant pushes back its open beta to September

It's the one with sick grappling hooks

A woman with a big gun and power armour strides rightwards in The First Descendent art
Image credit: Nexon

The looter shooter with cool Spider-Man-ish grappling hooks, The First Descendant, has pushed back its open beta dates to September 19-25th. Previously, it was planned for a late August timeframe. Since the full game and the upcoming beta support crossplay, developers Nexon say the delay will help to optimise the game on all platforms. So you can loop laser rope threads with buddies on consoles, no problem.

The First Descendant casts you as somewhat standard space fantasy soldiers on a mission to shoot invading interdimensional aliens and swing around colossal bosses. A choice between several classes gives you some more violent verbs, too. In addition to the shooting and swinging, you can punch aliens in the eye, bash them with shields, ground pound crowds with electrical abilities, and other fun stuff that’s unique to each class. Previous trailers had big Warframe vibes, only this time with more bullet sponges and acrobatic laser ropes.

Nexon have been holding closed beta tests for a while, but along with opening it up to everyone, the open beta also adds new content. That includes a Prologue chapter that “will show players how they got to the current events,” and Nexon promises it’ll answer burning questions such as: why did the aliens invade? Why do they want the Macguffin? How will humanity fight back? I’m guessing the answer to all three is "power". The open beta will also have 11 playable classes, eight boss battles, a whole new map, performance improvements, and some added quality-of-life features.

The First Descendant’s crossplay open beta is running from September 19th to September 25th, and you can register here to gain access on Steam (as well as PlayStation and Xbox).

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