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Say hello and welcome to Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, our new news editor

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It's been a hot minute since we first started looking for a news editor to take the reins of RPS' daily news posting, but today I'm very pleased to announce that search has finally come to an end. Please give a very warm welcome to Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, the latest addition to the RPS hivemind.

Many of you will probably already be familiar with Edwin's work on RPS. Last year, he wrote about how Hardspace: Shipbreaker became the video game union movement's final frontier, as well as why all the best game developers play Tarot, but he's also written plenty more reviews and features for us over the last, gosh, eight-odd years or so.

You'll also likely have seen his work across several other video game sites and magazines over the years as well, including our sister site Eurogamer, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and Edge magazine to name just a few of them. He's smart, funny and has an amazing talent for rooting out cool, interesting stories you won't find anywhere else. I'm so pleased to have him on the team, and I can't wait to see what he does with the RPS news desk.

Edwin's arrival also means that, together with our senior staff writer Ed, we now have an equal number of Eds and Alices in the Treehouse. Is this the beginning of a rival schism that will set the Treehouse on a new, unknown path of war? Or a new era of mutual harmony and co-operation? Who can say, but I guess we will probably have to update our paperwork later this week to say something like, "You don't have to be called Alice or Ed to work here, but..."

In the meantime, though, please come and say hello and welcome to Edwin in the comments below.

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