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Get Logitech's classic 720p webcam for $13

Not high-res, but it'll do the job.

logitech c720 webcam
Image credit: Logitech

Logitech makes a ton of good PC stuff, but their HD webcams have been a cheap-and-cheerful go-to for years. One older model that sits on top of a bunch of monitors is the C720, an HD webcam that normally retails for $25. Today though, a $5 coupon on Amazon brings this webcam down to $13 and change, making it a sensible pickup for anyone that needs a webcam for streaming or video calls.

The Logitech C720 product page is particularly hilarious viewed through a 2023 lens, boasting a "crisp 3-megapixel" sensor and "widescreen HD 720p" in contrast to all of those nonexistent full-screen 720p webcams. Shouting out Windows Live Messenger is another blast from the past - I guess that's Teams now, but it's probably been through a couple rebrands between those two services.

Regardless though, this webcam does the job, with enough clarity to show your face recognisably without enough pixels to reveal every imperfection. If you're streaming at 1080p with your face in the corner of the screen, then this is more than sufficient to do the job - and of course, if you're one of those fancy folks that has a second or third webcam to show a wide shot or a close-up of your frantic mousing hand, then this is a great cheap pickup too.

In any case, I hope you find this US webcam deal useful - and if you want some recommendations for something a little more high-end, I'm a big fan of Elgato's FaceCam and FaceCam Pro cameras.

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