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Following a price cut in the UK, DualSense PS5 controllers are down to $49 in the US

One of the best PC controllers at a discount.

DualSense controller colours in blue, pink and purple
Image credit: Sony

Sony's PS5 DualSense gamepad is one of the best controllers for PC, but with a $70 MSRP it's also one of the most expensive mainstream options. Thankfully, DualSense price cuts that appeared first in the UK have now spread to the US, bringing the Sony pad to a reasonable $49.

Given how well this controller is supported for PC gaming, thanks to the efforts of Valve and modders behind projects like DualSenseX, this makes it an awesome pickup - whether you're looking to play Baldur's Gate 3 in couch co-op or F1 23 with full adaptive trigger support.

Five additional colours are also available at the same price

The benefit of the Sony controller in my mind is twofold - it offers a more convenient charging solution, using a rechargeable internal battery and USB-C port, and has a more comfortable shape with the two joysticks in the centre. In contrast, Microsoft's (also-excellent) Xbox Series X era gamepad uses AA batteries by default and a staggered layout. On both counts, which you prefer is a matter of taste, but I probably hew closer to the Sony charging solution.

While the white and black models are linked above, you can actually click through the Amazon product page to find a huge number of additional colour options available for the same $49 price, which represents a larger discount for colours like starlight blue, nova pink, grey camouflage, galactic purple and cosmic red which originally retailed at $75.

Overall then, the DualSense comes highly recommended, so do pick one up and then look at our guide to the DualSense on PC!

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