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Asus Zenfone 3 Use Fingerprint & Snapdragon 615

Not long time ago Zenfone 2 was released, officials Asus has joked about Zenfone series features further. The CEO of Asus, Jerry Shen, said that the successor Smartphone will be equipped with a fingerprint

Windows 10 Can Change Smartphone into PC

Microsoft designed a feature that is able to transform a Smartphone into a PC. The feature is named Continuum features that can change the Smartphone into a PC, it will start working on the

Vivo X5 Pro With Retina Eye Sensor

The development of Smartphone is so quickly makes a lot of popping Smartphone with variety quality. One of them is Vivo X5 Pro; this is one Smartphone with a high quality which also fitted

Asia is a Big Market for Smartphone

Smartphone is going to be the products most being targeted by consumers in electronic goods this year. The reason is because the price of these devices is more affordable. It is known based on

HTC Release One M9 Limited Edition

HTC was reportedly will bring the HTC One M9 Limited edition. The company will collaborate with the British model, as well as Ambassador HTC Jourdan Dunn to make HTC One M9 limited edition. Reported

Cameras stretcher F1.8, LG G4 Officially Introduced in Asia

LG’s development is increasingly showed the quality by launching new product named LG G4. As the company which has always been a firm specializing in technology of course this is the prove of company

Five Computer Parts for Ideal Gaming Desktop

One of the reason dekstop win over the simple laptop is gaming capabilities. To run most new age games, you need a powerful machine. It’s difficult to find a desktop with that kind of

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) vs Solid State Drive (SSD) in Your Computer

There are some differences of hard disk drive vs solid state drive on electronic tool lie computer and laptop. Hard disk drive is a basic system on a computer with nonvolatile storage. Whilst, solid

How to Uninstall a Program on Windows with the Easy Steps

Every one almost has computer and may face some particular program computer problems; thus, you may look for how to uninstall a program on Windows. It is similar to uninstall software windows. This uninstall

Microsoft Intends to Convert iOS Applications to Windows 10

Many things are revealed by the American software company, Microsoft on Windows 10, at the Microsoft Build 2015. After announcing it would bring Android applications on the basis of the new operating system, the